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About IntraMed Diagnostics, LLC

IntraMed Diagnostics, LLC, a subsidiary of Express Diagnostics Int’l, Inc., was established to increase market penetration in the point-of-care (POC) testing market, a rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar industry. The company conducts engineering, research, and development for onsite in vitro diagnostic drugs of abuse screening and health diagnostics applications.

IntraMed Diagnostics has entered into an agreement to purchase all of Eveia Medical Incorporated’s POC intellectual property (IP) and technology. IntraMed will focus on POC diagnostic products that leverage Eveia IP, including the company’s unique AnemiaCheck™ POC Quantitative Hematocrit Test and ArcFlow™ technology, which will measure components of blood, serum, and urine quantitatively, without the need for instrumentation.

The ArcFlow technology platform enables both quantitative and qualitative measurements for a wide range of tests. The technology is based on how fast a liquid sample absorbs and moves through specially-treated paper substrates using capillary forces. In contrast to current onsite screening technology, IntraMed devices will be designed to rely on changes in flow rate as an analytical tool. This innovation effectively translates the differences in composition that are of interest into visually discernible differences in distance, much like reading a thermometer, eliminating the need for an external instrument.

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